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Paragon 2.0 - MF and GF

Magic Find and Gold Find are two very important stats for every Diablo 3 player out there, so it comes as no surprise that people are interested in how they will work when Paragon 2.0 comes out. Luckily for us, Lylirra posted some nice information on the forums regarding this topic:

Is blizzard removing the MF/GF bonus currently with the paragon levels, and are we going to have to assign points to MF/GF, if we choose, over other stats?

Yup. Under current design, that's how it'll work. (Everything still subject to change, of course.)

Bit more detail: When Paragon 2.0 goes live, the innate bonuses granted by the current system will be removed; all the Paragon experience across your characters will be added together to determine your new shared Paragon level; and then, based on that level, each of your characters will be granted a specific number of Paragon Points (your total # of shared Paragon levels = your total # of Paragon Points). From there, players will be able to allocate their Paragon Points into different stats across four different categories: Core Stats, Offensive, Defensive, and Adventure. Magic Find is available in the "Adventure" category. Gold Find isn't a Paragon 2.0 stat right now, but again...that may change.

(Note that what category a Paragon Point can be spent in will be determined by what Paragon level you earn. Paragon level 1 gives you a point to spend in "Core Stat," Paragon level 2 gives you a point to in "Offensive," Paragon level 3 gives you a point to spend in "Defensive," and Paragon level 4 gives you a point to spend in "Utility" (or "Adventure"). Each Paragon level past that follows the same pattern.)

Removing this bonus and making us spend points on MF/GF reverts back to the original problem that the paragon system originally solved: the gear swapping. How is this going to be handled?

Gear swapping is still a concern, and getting rid of the innate bonuses and having Magic Find as a Paragon 2.0 stat does reintroduce some issues. That's something we're still tinkering around with, but haven't settled on a design solution for just yet (a few other gameplay systems and changes need to be finalized first). I fully anticipate that will be something we communicate to players ahead of time, before it's implemented, or at least once we lock down exactly what we'd like to do. :)

No Gold Find so far, and we may have to start swapping gear again. How do you guys feel about this?

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