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There are several legendary potions listed in the strings. Only one has a function listed, so far:

◾HealthPotionLegendary_02 – Bottomless Potion of the Diamond
◾HealthPotionLegendary_05 – Bottomless Potion of Mutilation
◾HealthPotionLegendary_06 – Bottomless Potion of Kulle-Aid◦X1_Legendary_Potion_06 – Drinking Kulle-Aid allows you to burst through walls summoned by DiabloWikiWaller elites for 5 seconds.

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  • Were are your favorite farming spots.
  • ROFL! That is the hellfire potion lol, Explosive Diarrhea!


  • PC Player

    I need a legendary potion that freezes time for 30 minutes while I take a dump and freshen up.

  • Lol hated inferno period. On barbarian, the only class without an escape, and the fact that he specialized in high HP and armor (which were useless in inferno as everything was elemental and did like 10x more damage. Also couldn't spam pots anymore so prayed for Godly gear @ 2.5mil per piece of gear.

  •  Well that sounds like i need that 1 , i hate those wallers, ruins my demon hunters kiting!

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