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    Diablo 3 - from 2012 to now

    Hello, I’m ShinyPants and this is my first blog ever! It’s targeted to people who either have abandoned the game soon after its release, or people wondering is it worth it in the current state.

    Back to the day of Diablo 3 release (May 15, 2012) after so many years of waiting Diablo’s fans were…

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  • Few short years ago i remember sitting in a room full of close friends with our Xbox's Wired up playing Halo, weekend after weekend it happened. After the transition of The Xbox 360 and the PS3 came with the down fall of games that kept a bunch of friends together sitting on a couch. Shoveling in Junk food and Soda playing a game and yelling at the weakest link when we all die. There has been some games who have been oh were multiplayer only if they have the game and have there own console.…

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    Diablo love at the first sight.

    I first started playing Diablo 2 when i was around 12 years old and it was love at the first sight.
    Each time I re-visited the game I grew to love it even more, and with the Battlenet servers I could easily play with my friends over the internet which was kind of a big deal in the early 2000’s , LAN was…

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    Diablo 3 gameplay

    Unlike many games, diablo 3 has special features that differs it from every other game, which makes it a popular and played game.At beginning, it shows a cinematic like most games at the start. But this has an amazing graphics and details, and explaining the battle between light and darkness. And one thing that this game does not have at the beginning, is character customization. Unlike most games that let you take a long time customizing and making your character look unique, it will…

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    What is a good loot?

    The question that spins around humanity for eternity.

    This means that if you see a broken sword it is still better then your bare fists... unless your a badass "I'm on a mission from god" monk who does fisticuffs.

    A good loot means typiclly a higher rarity, but if you carry the same yellow shied from level 8 you are bound to switch it at some point.

    Lets say you found a blue glove , you and her travel the world of diablo slashing goatmen guts, breaking an elite skeleton…

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  • Lead Foot Lacerator - Barbarian Build

    Lead Foot Lacerator is a Barbarian build created by Suckerfred1#1771; read more inside!
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  • Patch 2.1.0 Now Available On PTR

    Patch 2.1.0 now available on the PTR!
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  • Auction House Now Officially Gone!

    The AH is now gone forever!
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  • Auction House Closing Soon!

    Hey guys, just a quick reminder that the Auction House will be gone for good on June 24th. Make sure that if any items still remain in your completed tab you withdraw them by the mentioned date, or they will be gone forever! This also applies to gold. Here is a FAQ which Blizzard posted on their main site: Q. I thought the gold and real-money auction houses were already shut down. What's up?Answer: The ability to Bid, Buyout, and list new auctions in the gold and real-money auction houses was…

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    Weight opinions

    You nor other people in your opinions diabacore you should be happy as you're not this he should be happy that you have a pretty face okay now whatever go your son a compass life you just do it everyone has different nobody else's opinion matters more in your own said at everybody else I if you stay this thing where you are right now and only any changes six months from now with you wherever you are that's why you make changes so months from now you can look back view I'm self you happy I did…

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    Vita Cleanse Review Flush off unwanted colon!

    We'll zero in on vita cleanse. No more need for exercise, or having to go on a diet, just to hope you will detoxify your system and lose weight. I had conjectured that I would like to ignore all the warning signs. This will allow our diet to be more effective, shedding pounds of waste that mistakes for body fat. Vita cleanse has many loyal enthusiasts. How You Can Detoxify Your System with Vita Cleanse! To order your bottle of Vita Cleanse or to learn more about the ingredients that will help…

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    porn girl dry when we were seated just like stability in volatile

    porn girl dry when we were seated just like stability in volatile you more stability you can you people live on less force which means less 3 less I p for understanding sure that the way your dreams aligned your balls summer looking to class chance sure standoff but if you lookalike a dumbass columns strained downs see I'm not and he's working spotter bawling type I continue to slaughter his your last way you dollar her probably be wise for me to find a spot keep an eye on me away class workup…

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